2 Tricep Exercises Superset

Published: 19th January 2010
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For sexy, sculpted arms that every bodybuilder workout wants they try to shape in the top of their triceps. That's why we give you the true tricep exercises that target the entire triceps muscle. Each of this given workouts has one slight variation to challenge the muscle. If you've got the muscle mass, you can easily achieve the look that you wanted by doing the two kinds tricep exercise supersets at least twice a week.

These tricep exercise are designed to work your triceps and train your triceps. If you give it 200% for 2 supersets and you'll surely build a solid tricep muscle just like a hard abs.

The main area that the tricep muscle targeted is going to be the middle (or lateral) head. Which make the largest tricep head and makes up most of the back/upper region of your triceps. If you worked it correctly the tricep head really beefs up and gives you the gorgeous look.

Superset 1:

1. Tricep Dips

The Tricep dips are targeting the rear meaty head of the triceps. It is really good since it will add pure size to your triceps. And you are also lifting your bodyweight which allows for heavier reps and a natural range of motion that will keep you going. So if you want to focus these kinds of dips on your tricep don't lean too far forward. Because leaning forward will focus the exercise more on your chest, weighted dips should be your ultimate goal. Instead of that, you should focus to do at least 3 clean sets of 10 on your bodyweight before you add weight.

2. Tricep Press Downs

The Tricep press downs are one of the great isolation exercises to hit the middle head of the tricep muscle. It battles up so a strict form is a must. Just keep your elbows tucked into your sides and don't let the cable go higher than parallel to the floor. Better focused and keep the "squeeze" in your triceps for the whole set. It will make your tricep exercise more exciting and effective.

So do 10 reps of tricep dips followed by 6 reps of tricep press downs and repeat 3 times and you'll see the best results in your hardworks.

Superset 2:

3. Skullcrushers (lying tricep extension)

Just like dips an angle of skull crushers is really focused to hits the middle head of the triceps. So the key here is your form. Just keep in mind these 2 things.

First, keep in mind that you are not pushing the bar straight up. Instead you should be pushing it at an angle behind your head to focus the work on the triceps and not the shoulders.

Second, make it to the center to keep your elbows tucked in tight and pointing towards your feet. The angle of your elbows means the difference between your triceps so getting isolated and worked hard or your triceps getting a little bit of a workout.

4. Dumbbell kickbacks

Lastly tricep kickbacks, this is to fully finish off your lateral head. Though, it's difficult for most people because you have to do heavy tricep kickback reps. So what we're going to do is to focus on form and the 10 rep range. The key here is to keep your elbow high throughout that whole set and make sure that you don't move while doing it. So what happen here is you should be rotating at the elbow. There's no need to move the upper arm or shoulder do this in a moderate to high weight for 10 reps.

Again, do the 10 reps of skullcrushers, directly followed by 10 reps of kickbacks and repeat 3 times.


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